The Top international industrial brands

We rely on internationally well-known manufacturers and suppliers to whom we convey our special gratefulness for their continual support and their consequential enhancement for our projects.

Novel technologies allow us to simplify complex operations and reduce the level of maintenance required on thousands of machines the world over.

Simatec Products

setral® develops and produces high-performance and specialty lubricants for industry application. Well-known customers worldwide benefit.

Setral products

Slider Lubricants has a field of experience in producing high quality lubricants and greases in private label customized to meet the needs of each costumer.

SliderLub products
Aervoe Products
Fizeta Products

Timlube® is a trusted product to help meet the toughest technical design and lubrication challenges. Continual investments in technology and product innovation enable us to meet current needs and anticipate future trends. 

Timlube Products